Curating experiences

of sight, of sound, and of mind

The ElectroZone is Ithaca’s salon for electromusicians and experimenters, a pop up reality devoted to the weird, the new, and the DIY, specializing in unforgettable performances, unique events, and creative workshops with a community focus.

We are EZ Intradimensional Incorporated, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, serving artists and the arts in Ithaca, NY and beyond.

Meet the EZ Board

“ElectroZone gave Reka and I, literally, a stage to present our musical ideas. That is a very different experience than just being an audience member, or just composing and playing at home.” – Jim Wells, from His Divine Shadow

developing artists

through performance, promotion, and mentorship

The ElectroZone loves what we do, which really is helping many of you do what you love—experiment, perform, learn, create, build, and share with a community of artists.

  • Live performance development- The ElectroZone offers space and time in venues both live and virtual for performers to share their work. We offer advice, notes, and suggestions before, after, and sometimes during performances in the spirit of encouragement and mentorship.
  • Audio and Video Production- The ElectroZone documents every event to the fullest extent possible. Photographic, audio, and video recordings will be made available to the artists for their own use, study, portfolios, and reference.
  • Music and video distribution- The ElectroZone operates a record label offering digital downloads and physical media, artists’ merchandise, and other swag for sale, with the profits going to the artists as well as in support of further programming.

building Community

bringing artists to audiences

Looking for something new? The ElectroZone helps you:

  • Find Concerts- We share information on shows happening throughout the Ithaca region, from EZ artists and more
  • Enjoy Your Favorites or Find New Artists- Our webcasting features lets you listen to hundreds of artists Ithaca and beyond.
  • Learn a Thing or Two- Our workshops, newsletter, and streams share the techniques, skills, and inspiration for anyone to make music using whatever is around them.