video documentation

Performances selected from our live and streaming shows, as well as some asynchronous productions by local filmmakers collaborating with music performers.

Sublingual Concert Trailer by Cleo Keahna Warrior

A Native of Hong Kong, Viola Yip is a New York-based experimental composer, performer, sound artist, and instrument builder. Her recent interest falls on creating performances based on an intermedial conception of music as well as creating sound pieces that are created through playing around unconventional relationships of objects. Viola’s instruments and performances have been presented in major music festivals and concert series in New York, Missouri, Chicago, San Diego, Boston, Bowling Green (Ohio), Pittsburgh, Ithaca, Saratoga Springs, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Dublin, Belfast, Manchester, Huddersfield, Madeira, Ghent, Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Darmstadt.

R41ÑB0W TR4$His a Montreal-based Theremin player, chiptune artist, sound designer, scavenger and modder of obsolete toys, games, musical instruments, and other materials. Oscillating between different genres of chip music and noise, she mixes waves from the Theremin and the Nintendo Game Boy DMG with circuit-bent instruments, synthesizers, and organic sounds. Her music is a calculated mix of improvised performance and programmed play.