Project Overflow performing

Bring Your Passion to the Stage

Music Guided by Curiosity, Made by Necessity

The Electrozone is all about that feeling of making music for the first time. That feeling of a first public performance. That feeling when people first applaud and said great set. That feeling when another artists asks, “Hey, have you tried this?” 

We have shown you different ways you can make music, art, and collaborations. There will be more instructional workshops, more innovative events, more new artists, and we will start releasing music. The best is yet to come.


JɆ₴₴Ɇ&₮ⱧɆ₴₱łⱤł₮ performing at The Chanti Loft on May 25, 2019

Tender Cruncher

Tender Cruncher performing at Angry Mom Records, December 14, 2019


Shaawano performing at The Hotel Groton, February 29, 2020